Monday, February 23, 2009

We're those guys, at the match

Quick note for all of our much appreciated readers ...

We've got some fantastic friends, associates, and fellow fully-immersed-in-the-desperate-life-of-a-football-supporter readers out these. Some close to home who enjoy the matches with us on a week-to-week basis (even if they are on the wrong side of the curtain - trust me, I'm working on my tolerance, y'all) and some far flung across the world.

Several of them are active commentators on Match Pricks. Divergent opinions, complimentary opinions, however they stand, they are terrific additions to the discourse on Match Pricks and we thank you.

Don't forget to check them out, and chime in for yourself.

Hey, it's tough following the football. At risk of sounding remarkably corny and getting an earful, whether our team is rolling, sputtering or crashing wildly out of control, we're all in this together, doggs.

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