Monday, February 2, 2009

Liverpool spices up the North London derby

It's the start of a new week and it's back to off-pitch ridiculousness for Liverpool. Only this time, the departure of Robbie Keane from Anfield is just a relief more than anything else. Until the Wigan match last week, I could have cared less about Keane's ultimate fate, but Rafa's power struggle maneuvers made me feel sorry for the guy. Robbie Keane wanted to be at Liverpool, and depending on how this season ends, he stood a fair chance of outlasting Benitez at the club. I still think he could've contributed tremendously, but Rafa refused to deploy him in any sort of role that utilized his abilities. Most matches he was anonymous, and he was always destined to be gone after an hour if the game was close.

But that's enough about Keane at Liverpool. The deal could see Liverpool get just about all of their money back – granted, that requires Spurs beating United in the Carling Cup final. It's a longshot, but still, it's more than I expected Spurs to agree to, and as an added bonus, Robbie gets to suit up this weekend for the North London derby. He was gracious on his way out the door, so I can't hold anything against him. Whatever, moving on ... and we'll always have that goal he scored at the Emirates in December, which is worth something, I guess.

UPDATE: This Is Anfield offers up an excellent summation of thoughts on this whole drama in an open letter to Robbie Keane. Couldn't have said it any better myself.

Colin, any thoughts on the Arshavin debacle?

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