Monday, February 23, 2009

See you next year

I didn't even have the heart to find a halfway decent picture from the match yesterday to express my disappointment. That headline up there is actually a direct quote from yours truly as I left my Liverpool-lovin' friend's house yesterday afternoon. Such a crushing disappointment, sitting 7 points behind United on Feb. 23 after 8 months of delirium. I especially enjoy the black humor in Rafa "conceding" in the post-match misery that now Liverpool has no choice but to beat United at Old Trafford on March 14. Self-delusion can often be funny – when it's happening to someone or something you don't care about.

I can't believe I'm turning to the Champions League in 48 hours as some sort of consolation prize. More later.



Jon said...

Gut wrenching...Just absolutely gut wreching.

I was half-surprised we got the equalizer, frankly. Though in the end it just gave me a little extra hope to have dashed when the whistle went.

I won't point out the obvious - that we are a much poorer side without SG and XA - but we had every chance to win yesterday.

Any number of players deserve blame for poor performances (raise your hand Dossena & Lucas - you unworthy sucka**es) but I would also point to Reira's right foot (if it exists). He is a quality winger but that's twice in three matches that he shown he can only take a ball on his left. And, don't even get me started on Babel's runs that seemingly always end in him pissing away possession.

On to Madrid and a chance to show some pride in the badge.

All is not lost. Missing, maybe. But not lost.


Ian Smith said...
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Ian Smith said...

Have to totally agree with everything said so far. We have a very strong first 11 and with everyone fit and healthy this could have been our year! Unfortunately our fringe players are not up to scratch and for that I have to blame Rafa. I am of the opinion that Rafa's arrogance and the need to prove himself right over every aspect of the team is of major detriment to the football club. I hate to say it but his unyielding support for underperforming players has cost us not only the City game but ultimately the league. There is no room for sentiment in football, ask Robbie Keane, yet Rafa has a seemingly blind faith in Lucas and to a lesser extent Babel. Despite failing to even look remotely like a premiership quality footballers these two find themselves on the team sheet more often than not. A lack of confidence is one thing looking like rabbits caught in the headlights every time the ball is played into their general vicinities is another. It’s a simple fact that Rafa cannot admit his own failings in the transfer market and now has the stones to demand total control. Only five transfers have worked out the way he wanted Torres, Alonso, Skrtel Reina and Mascherano. The rest were average and most have been sold after a year or so at the club. Others have had to adapt and play out of position to accommodate Rafa's baffling line ups.
I’m not calling for Rafa's head ... but something has to give as owners care about money, fans care about success, and only Rafa cares about his own ego!
Great season boys with a few glaring omissions -
Hang your head Lucas
Hang your head Babel

Kuba said...

As much as I don't want to go after has to happen. When the team was cruising along at the beginning of the season, truly looking like title contenders, Rafa opened his big mouth. I'm not sure how much off-field distractions have to do with player performance, but so much drama between Rafa and the owners and his rant against Sir Alex could have only had a detrimental effect on the dressing room.

As for the team this weekend, filling in Xabi or Stevie with Lucas...that's just disappointing. The finishing was atrocious and without Stevie there was almost no drive.

Jim said...

Among many maddening moments for me was, surprisingly, the goal. That's because Dossena was out there for 70 minutes clomping around, crossing horribly (when he even managed to keep it in play). But a couple minutes after Aurelio comes on, with practically his first touch, he plays one ball long on the ground, no less, down the left side and freeing Benayoun into space. Sure, a little luck happened when Torres bungled it right onto Kuyt's foot, but Aurelio showed the briefest bit of class at the very first opportunity, making the chance that brought the equalizer.

It had been two weeks since Aurelio was asked to play 90 minutes in the League. What? He was too worn out to start? Sure, he's going to be asked, most likely, to go the full 90 against Madrid on Wednesday. But c'mon, Aurelio and Benayoun have been the in-form supporting players of late. Throw 'em out there and let those guys makes it happen.

Instead, we get 70 minutes of clusterf**k out of Dossena. One of these days it'll just absolutely kill me. I'm certain of it.