Saturday, February 7, 2009

Whoooooo!!!! HA HA HA! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Unbelievable. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

It's three hours since the match ended and I'm still flying. Just watched the final 10 minutes again – twice – on DVR and I can't believe it. Say what you will about a lucky escape, but it was beyond thrilling. So much to talk about with this match. Aurelio the forward attacking central midfielder?! He was outstanding for the majority of the match.

Much more to be discussed here, but with Milwaukee receiving a rare spring day in February with loads of sunshine and temperatures in the 50s, today is for celebration. What an outstanding comeback and an amazing day for fun. Thank you Kuyt, thank you Benayoun, thank you Aurelio and thank you from the bottom of my Liverpool soul, Fernando Torres. You're brilliant son. What a match!

Sing along with this. You'll feel loads better about every part of your life.


Luke said...

I can't believe I didn't watch this match! Damn...sounded fricken rowdy.

I like how in the pregame Rafa said he was unsure about playing Torres and his chances of coming on were "minimal"...good ol Rafa and his sneaky tricks

I thought you would have a longer blog Jim, but I suppose you're still estatic! Good show

stephen said...

Amazing that Dirk Kuyt can pull the team bus to Fratton Park and still come on two score two goals (one incorrectly ruled offside). Also amazing that the word verification required to post this comment is, I shit you not, "messi", who coincidentally, I probably wouldn't trade for the aforementioned Dutchman.