Thursday, February 12, 2009

Xabi Alonso interview: The Director on life, love and Liverpool

Yeah, a little sappy hed there, but This Is Anfield has a terrific interview with Alonso that was translated from its original form as it appeared in AS.

Some highlights:

But those Japanese dinners at Pepe Reina’s house don’t count.

No, ha ha, they’re a delight. I’ve adapted to a lot of English customs, but not to the food. I can’t do it. And I can’t do the schedules either, this business of dinner at six o’clock. I miss pinchos (a Basque food, bread and meat, held together with a stick, or pincho – Spanish ‘thorn) and fish! But I can deal with it. The family come and go and my pantry is always full.

With Reina it’s impossible to be bored, of course.

PepeHe’s hyperactive, too much! All of Spain knows it after the Euros. It’s tremendous the number of friends that visit him and bring him food. Pepe is in a class by himself.

(Click the link above. It's a great read.)

I can just imagine dinners at Reina's house. Ten, 12 people just shuffling in, arms full of homemade dishes, some out there and "Japanese," as the interviewer puts it. I need to get on that guest list.

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