Monday, February 9, 2009

Big Phil gets the sack

Scolari got the sack this morning, and now he's got the knives out. He claims that he'll speak with the media soon. Well save my front row seat for that one, please. You know that won't be a furtive conversation. You know he's gonna be loud and will definitely share each and every opinion. Big Phil strikes me as a man who would unrepentantly throw most of the administration's big players (Kenyon, Abramovic) under the bus. 

Who else is out there then? The odds are fantastic fun. Sven Goran Ericksson at 8-1. Gianfranco Zola, predictably, is the odds-on favourite. Mancini is there, of course. Quite plainly, any big European manager is in there. Fantastically, Carlo Ancelotti makes the list. Now that'd be a gas. Can you imagine that guy departing for Chelsea? Interestingly, no Didier Deschamps. In truth, Avram Grant would be (at 12-1) the man I'd bet on. As silly as it would be, but he's the man who would just want a job, as opposed to someone else with a bigger name demanding assurances for the perfect situation. I have to imagine that most of the top, top level of managers would have entirely too much pride to take on Chelsea in a role that would essentially amount to grabbing a bucket to help bale water. 

And again, the inherent problem with sugar daddy owners is laid bare. I can't wait until Abramovic truly starts losing interest. For now, he's just pushing buttons in the hopes that things will happen. Kind of like my skills in the kitchen and a reliance on the microwave. 

Now to the best part. 

Scolari says Chelski are too old. He says they are tired. He says (here's the kicker) that he asked for Deco and Robinho ... and he only got Deco.


You must be kidding me. Have you seen the players Chelsea have available? And you know what else? It's your own damn fault. You people have tossed gobs of cash at players for several years now. You've offered wage packages that make most other teams blush. And now, you're struggling for form because you chased one of the world's best managers out of town a while back (Mourinho) and have found yourself with a squad of aging All-Stars that may or may not be able to play together.

And you've hit the eject button.

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