Monday, February 2, 2009

Hooray! Ummmmm? Hooray! Ummmm? Hooray?

Are we done yet? Honestly, I don't want each post to be so phenomenally dripping with desperation but come now, the Arshavin saga was changing every 10 minutes today!

(Sidebar: Funny stuff, just the now catching Sky Sports News. They're interviewing Tottenham fans re: Robbie Keane's return. Some guy points right at the camera and warns, "Watch out Man United, we're coming for Berbatov next!" Good stuff, that.)

Anyway, The Yo-Yo Arshavin Saga continued straight through the day with reports differing from each publication. As of the end of the day, news stands that he has completed his medical, agreed to personal terms, will wear the number 13 shirt (It stings me when people describe it as "Alexander Hleb's vacated number 13." I don't really think that Hleb deserves to be remembered in that way, to be honest.) and that Arsenal seem to have won the negotiation battle with heels firmly dug in. Those heels must have plowed a row all the way to the city center on this one. Zenit were firmly standing by their 17 - 20 million pound price tag for weeks, months even. If it's true that we got them down to the level we stood by, than well done to new CEO Ivan Gazidis (who went over from America). If that rumoured 12 million pound price tag is accurate, then it was worth the agonizing couple of weeks of news.

Now we stand still overnight and hope that the deal is indeed finalized. And THEN, finally, we get to start day-dreaming about his place in the team.

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