Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thank you for your patronage: Please bear with us

Regrettably, Match Pricks has not yet become a self-sustaining endevaour for Colin and myself, and we have to do something non-football-related for income. It's been a trying week, what this economy and all, so please bear with us if you're looking for some kind of anti-Jintao rant that has a little fun while we freak out/revel in Liverpool and/or Arsenal. There'll be more soon. Like, tonight or tomorrow.

However, I want to say thanks again for everyone who checked out the live blogs Tuesday and Wednesday. Those are a real blast. Readership counts are way, way up and we appreciate that anyone wants to read this stuff. It's fun for us, and we're happy to see it's fun for a few of you around the world, too.

OK, enough for now. More soon.

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