Thursday, January 15, 2009

In retrospect, this is now kind of a funny picture and sentiment for these two

I keep trying to put "0-0 away to Stoke" behind me, but here it is Thursday afternoon, and I find myself downloading very mildly amusing pictures of Robbie Keane with Rafa Benitez and once more hashing out that infuriating missed opportunity from Saturday. Seriously, how pissed is Robbie Keane right now? "That damn walking calcified body invader wants to lead the line with Kuyt! Is he serious?!"

As poor as Keane was against Preston in the Cup, and he was nine shades of sad that day, I just can't get over Keane not even getting a late substitution against Stoke. Rafa and his damn 4-2-3-1 – against all odds (calm down, Stevie) – when the full 3 points are required. Particularly with Lucas and Mascherano being so poor. Why not just go for it, Rafa? Why not just throw Keane and Torres out there and see what happens? Why can't I get over this?

I'm never going to make it to Monday.

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