Thursday, January 15, 2009

Agger in the rumor mill: Off to see Goldenballs in Milan

It says here, Agger is headed to Milan for £8.5 million because Liverpool won't meet his wage demands. Well, at least Skrtel is back from that could've-been-so-much-worse leg injury at City a couple months back. But with the always lovable but ancient Sami Hyypia running out of time to keep defying the odds, Rafa will surely have to buy a center half in the summer. It's tough, but in the end, the possible move makes me reflect on Agger's brief time at Anfield:

• Rafa bought him because Moores couldn't pony up the cash for Nemanja Vidic. At the time, I didn't care much. Now ... ugh. But, of course, we always hear about how Rafa "buys poorly" too often. Never mind Simao, Dani Alves ... and the list goes on. Anyway, the counterpoints defending Rafa's buying policy when he lacked cash are all over the Web. I'll just leave it at Agger represents Rafa doing the best he could with what he had available to him.

• Speaking of doing his best, we'll always have this from the boy:

• Lastly, as Agger's time with Liverpool appears to be ending, I can't get out of my head the completely unfounded, outrageous and in no-way-provable rumor my great, Liverpool-born-and-bred friend here in Milwaukee insists is true: That Daniel Agger is a tremendous fan of the booger suger. I have to laugh because he started spreading it as soon as the Agger-wants-out talk began a couple months ago that he heard from friends and family back home Danny just can't get enough of that pure, white snow. It's hilarious when you talk to him about it. He doesn't doubt it for a second. Let's see, in a town as close-knit and football-mad as Liverpool, when a player expresses displeasure with the team, do you think people might start saying bad things about the guy? Is that possible in any way? Not a chance in hell, right?

OK, Danny, thanks for the memories. If you're off for Milan, so be it. You and Becks should bond as teammates by getting new tattoos together one night. Take care, kiddo.

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