Monday, January 26, 2009

This picture doesn't get old

Just details to sort out now. It seems to be mostly done and dusted.

This man can add a lot to Arsenal's attacking thrust. Oftentimes, when watching with an assortment of Arsenal supporters, frustration has been the name of the game. Especially over the last couple of seasons. That final third has left us wanting. All too often you hear the loud shouts of "SHOOT!" ringing through the spaces. Yet a shot shouldn't be forced. It should be deliberate. Its end should already be written. There are no prayers with shooting. No aspirations or hopes that it was the right thing to do. Just resolute belief that it is the one final detail the audience needs.

What Arsenal have missed for too long is the final creative touch ... that deft unzipping that makes their football truly beautiful. The unzipping that discovers the shot - the end of the story, the answer to the equation. Without it, their football is an excruciating tease. The precision is there, the imagination is there, yet the final stroke is missing. And we've grown too accustomed to it at this point. For my own part, I'm almost numb to the proceedings. Win, lose or draw, we all are fully aware that in the end, there's a massive piece missing. So now we sit and take a breath, strengthened with the hope that this little guy can offer that final stroke. Fully aware, yes, that he's a no gift from the heavens, rather we have to hope that he brings the right gifts - the right pieces - at the right time. For this team, this collection of footballers, the inherent needs that lie bare before, during and after each match ... Andrei Arshavin could well be what is needed.

If he does bring that extra touch that is so breathlessly demanded ... Primarily, we're looking for his grace to coax an improvement out of Emmanuel Adebayor. Here's a man with incredible athletic ability. He comes with all of the natural traits necessary to be great and to achieve great things. But he's missed a chance lately, hasn't he? I don't think many would argue that more is expected of him. And I steadfastly believe that adding a player of Arshavin's skill (unproven at this level, yes, but skill none the less) can be the difference-maker that a player like Adebayor could greatly benefit from playing with. No doubt Ade can be great and is always going to be close to breaking out of the mold he's cast for himself ...

... we can only hope now that Arshavin brings the right elements to bear.


Darrell Balzrina said...

Great blog! I personally think that this move is the best one thus far that took place in the January transfer period. Arshavin has the best talent of the other moves by far! Kudos Gunners for the pick up, hopefully his Russian Cossacks hat wearing skills exceeds the Premier league status quo

Colin said...

Cheers, Darrell. Sadly, it looks like the deal isn't wrapped up yet and we could have seen a big false alarm on Monday. I'm just so eager for any news to be resolved on this situation!