Friday, January 16, 2009

Today at Match Pricks: Wenger says it best, Alonso in and Lucas out, Essien should be the king of Africa

Good morning Huyton-with-Roby. It's good to have you back. Everyone else will be here shortly. Meanwhile, click these links below for the latest Match Pricks musings. You know, in case that scroll bar is too far away.

• Colin with an epic takedown of Mark Hughes and this Kaká foolishness. Plus, we invoke the genius of Wenger, who captures the reality of Kaká for £100 milion better than anyone else has even tried.

• You got a problem with Michael Essien?

• I'm so mad at you, Lucas. I could just – Ohhh! – decapitate you or something.

• On Monday, first round's on Alonso, dogg.

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