Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Getting dizzy over here

Mmmm, the transfer window .... what can't it do? At the moment, it can't offer anything close to a decent level of equilibrium.

The Arshavin transfer saga is yo-yoing at an increasing rate. The story is changing every five hours and is starting to gather all the worrying hallmarks of an unconsumated relationship.

It's all a little much.


Jim said...

My guess? Wenger and Arshavin and Zenit consummate their relationship ... in the figurative and cash-based sense, obviously. Arsenal's got to do something, right? They'll sign this guy, bag a bunch of goals and make it work. You can just kind of see it happening – at least from an outsider's perspective.

Stephen said...

Arshavin definitely makes sense, as opposed this story.

Impressive resume on Eboue, no? Champions League Final flop, gets booed off the pitch by his own fans after a 60-minute cameo, and is now a shameless self-promoter. I think the Gunners faithful would pay his fare to Milan were he to leave.