Saturday, January 10, 2009

You have to figure out a way to get the job done

Had I started writing this post within the first 10 minutes after the match at Stoke ended, it likely would have consisted of nothing more than a 500-word string of obscenities punctuated only by the occasional use of the words Delap, referee, towel, Stoke and the phrase, "I want to kill Lucas."

It was wholly unacceptable. There's no excuse. Stoke was the more likely to score at all times, and the best chance was Kuyt's early header from Riera's excellent cross. Why the world Kuyt attempted to flick it inside the far post when he had half the goal completely open 5 yards in front of him is beyond me. The keeper was nowhere near the play.

The pitch was poor and the ball bobbled throughout, making control much more difficult. Doesn't matter, you have to find a way. The referee appeared to take the approach that Stoke was going to foul at every 50-50 and contested ball, so he couldn't possibly call them all. Instead, he chose to call none of them. Doesn't matter, you have to find a way. Rory Delap was rubbing the ball in his shirt and a towel so much I felt as though watching the match was an invasion of his private bathroom routine. Doesn't matter, you have to find a way.

Stoke took their chances, but mostly they had no interest in attempting to score from open play. Their defense benefited from Liverpool's inability to control the ball on the dodgy pitch, but this is all ifs, would'ves and could'ves. It doesn't f**king matter. You have to find a good god damn way to score that one goal – and that's all that was required – to get the full points away to god damn Stoke F**king City.

Son of a bitch!

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Kuba said...

Why not play with 2 forwards or at least have either Keane or Torres in the game and not on the bench? Or in the 2nd half pull off Lucas and Kuyt and at least go for the offensive attack against 19th ranked Stoke. Frustrating to say the least.