Friday, April 3, 2009

Back in action

The league finally brushes off the dust tomorrow morning and it couldn't come soon enough. You know how I endlessly trumpet on that my mood directly connects to the form of my football club? Right. Just imagine how lost I am when there's no form to ponder. 

I mean it got so bad last night that I did two things that are awfully rare. Normally, I'd have made it home after a long day at work and flicked on what was left of Sky Sports news. I'd plow through a handful of newspapers. I'd sit down and crank out some little diddy here on Match Pricks and make it through the rest of my night. Last night however? In the last desperate hours of the two-week long international break? 

I took a walk. And I watched Hancock. Hancock. Have you seen Hancock? Awful movie, just terrible. I really strongly and passionately beseech you to avoid watching Hancock. Even in the absence of football. Just don't do it. I should have put on an Arsenal DVD ... or that 30-minute highlight run through of the Arsenal vs. Chelsea match from 1997 that I just recorded. Sure, a group of us clung to it like water squeezed from a rock in the international break's football-less desert at 3:00 a.m. last Sunday morning, but hell, I could've fired it up again. Why not. Would have been better than Hancock. I'd have been better suited doing pencil and paper drawings of football tactics. Just scratching out lines in candle light with Sigur Ros in the background. 

Picture it ... I could draw Sagna swooping up the right flank to show that fantastic give and go that he's mastered, such amazing movement, and then launching Theo Walcott (freshly back from an injury scare that looked like it would have keep him out much, much longer. I could devise a way for Theo to come inside and work with Adebayor, last year's top-scorer who is back from injury this week as. Oh and possibilities are endless for the left side of the pitch now that we get to dream about just what it would be like to see Arshavin and Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas play together ...

You know, because Cesc is back and all.

Can't expect the boy to be up to full speed but when a player of his quality is back and ready to play, you get him in the team. 

Look out City!

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