Friday, April 17, 2009

The Match Pricks Derby: Avoiding April showers

How appropriate that this is the 400th post on Match Pricks ...

Last summer, when Colin and I put our heads together and fired up Match Pricks for the first time, we just wanted to put out there for anyone who cared to read it our crazy devotion to Arsenal (him) and Liverpool (me). Roughly 8 1/2 months later, my half of Match Pricks is looking over at his side of the blog's ledger with the knowledge that the biggest match of the season for Liverpool – the entire campaign in 90 minutes, really – is Tuesday at Anfield. We call it The Match Pricks Derby, while Liverpool supporters everywhere also know it as "Holy balls, this could possibly end any chance of winning the League!"

Or, of course, it could rip that handbrake right from its moorings and send this hulking mass straight into May 24 at home against Tottenham with everything to play for. Win against Arsenal – and keep on taking 3 points every weekend – and United is possibly looking at the Gunners on May 16 at Old Trafford with the League on the line. Possibly.

We have a song here at Match Pricks that we like to go to in times like these. Fire up, dogg:

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