Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Today's the day

“Every title makes you bigger, yes,” Wenger said. “The size of a club is the number of people who love the club. People love success. The more you win, the more you have fans who love the club. There's something more than just winning trophies, there's the style of play, the ambition you have, the values the club has, it's all around, but it all has to be right."

The above is torn from The Times.  And it's really all I have to say today. There's a lot of implication in those words and I'm quite sure you'd have seen a sharp glint in Arsene's eye as he delivered that sermon.  

I've been pulled in other directions in the last week or two and haven't been able to find the level of clarity I require to address Arsenal's fortunes (from a league calendar that has turned into lukewarm training matches and formation experiments, to a galloping European Cup run that will see the team face their greatest rival), all of this has been the pulsing nerve in my brain. It's overshadowed everything in my life, driven me to distraction at the most inopportune times and is sure to bubble over in fury once I can finally swing around to catching the match later tonight (some five hours after it will have ended in Manchester).

Until then, tune in to the other half of Match Pricks, Jim, and his LIVE BLOG of the match. While he's no advocate of the Arsenal, Jim surely recognizes this match for what it is. A battle between good and evil. A battle for the souls of the world.

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