Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You want it? Go get it.

We've heard a lot from the likes of Adebayor, Van Persie and even Fabregas about how they want Arsenal to start winning trophies. There's an all-too perilous chance of sounding whiney and jealous in the way they keep expressing their desire to compare themselves to others who are winning trophies and how badly they want to win one. I think (hope), based on performance, that they are finally (have finally) realizing (realized) that at this point it's simply incumbent upon themselves to be the difference makers. 

Winning is always the goal for a team at this level. Speaking of ... Hey, calling Herm Edwards. Herm, can you clarify it for us?


It's not about buying players to prove ambition. It's not about talking about how much you want it and how you want to be like the others who already have it. It's about stepping up and putting in the performance, about being accountable for your own performance as a part of your team.

Tomorrow's match is important. The last several matches have been important. When a team has gathered as much momentum as Arsenal have right now, the tension and investment cranks up like a horrible internal vice. All you can do is hope that the team continue to turn in the performances that they have. All you can do is avoid the temptation to fear the worst. All you can do is hope that they are ready, and willing, to put in the performance necessary - as a part of that greater unit - to win.

So yeah ... You want to win trophies, Manu? You want Arsenal to "come good" as the headline says. Hmmm, well, it seems to me there's quite a bit riding on you and your performance, isn't there, Manu? I don't know, maybe I get too wound up about comments like these but it chafes me. The team has been coming together with a much tighter chemistry and yet we still hear these comments that can just fall in as selfish and whiney. Arsene's been saying repeatedly that they've been playing with the handbrake off, they've been making supporters smile for the first time since February 2008 and in spite of all the growing pains of this year here we are ready to mix it up at the tail end of the season. I don't think any of us would have thought we'd have a part to play in April and May, but here we are. To make it worth something they all need to be together, and hopefully their performances are proving that they are.

Tomorrow, Arsenal host Villarreal. They're hungry. They're at home. They've a road goal. They're in form. And you know what? IT'S THE FIRST ARSENAL CHAMPIONS LEAGUE MATCH I'LL GET TO WATCH ALL YEAR! ESPN is actually gracing us with their benevolence (I almost think it's gotta be Sir Alex Jintao who specifically told the programmers through his indecipherable mumbling to toss us a bone. Almost like telling Mikael Silvestre to score last weekend to stay deep under cover as a spy. Hey, thanks you purple-nosed bastard. There are several people in this world from whom I will not accept a gift, but when it comes to this, you know what? I'll take it. Just so long as you don't push some button that activates Silvestre's "Screw it Up Button" just to stick it to us. Remember, Jintao, there's one side of the aisle when it comes to sticking to people. We're the stickers around here you little commie, and you're the stickee. So can it, get away from that button and let me enjoy my football.)

The match is being shown on a delay and some hours after that, I'll be watching in my living room - whenever I can pull myself away from work. This will be the first match of any significance watched in my new house since Liverpool/Stoke with the lads a couple of months ago. That didn't go over too well. 

Pending tomorrow's saga and the progression of my nerves, I should probably stuff a letter in my neighbor's mailbox ahead of time to explain myself.

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Jamie said...

...and how.

yes, talk of "i want to win things" grates on me too. when players leave clubs to win things... erm... why dont you get good and help us to win things!?

i think arsenal were the opposite of that coach clip... we seemed like we expected to win, just by playing. early this season, that is.

bar our first half against wigan on saturdy (i watched it yesterday on FSC, in full), we've played the opposition off the pitch. since our 6 weeks of zero goals... we've scored about 30 or something.

agreed... espn is gracing us with, what i think is our second champions league game this season. last weeks 1-1 in spain was on replay, just like this weeks. espn classic that is...


i feel silvestre is going to score some important goals until the end of the season. it seems to be arsenals way... just through my supporting history, i've seen many fringe players come in and be a type of savior... footbalistically, i mean.

my word verification below is sesclu. sesc... i like that.