Friday, April 24, 2009

We didn't go anywhere, we just kept quiet about things for a few days

This is going to be really short – in both length and substance – but if anyone's wondering where the hell Liverpool's half of Match Pricks has been, I'm still here. I held out a faint hope United might lose, or possibly draw, against Pompey on Wednesday. When that didn't happen, I kind of just slunked off for a couple days. Not much to add right now. The title race appears shot, despite an exhilarating run at it, so I've just been thinking about where things stand. First up: I'm really hoping there isn't an Arsenal hangover at Hull tomorrow morning. When the entire season is on the line at every turn, it's probably somewhat easy to keep finding reservoirs of resolve and strength like Liverpool did Tuesday. The comebacks, while never easy, might even come about almost naturally. After all, there's everything to play for. In my mind, the match tomorrow is one of Rafa's biggest managerial tests of the season. He has to embolden the players to keep fighting. After all, we remember what happened at the Riverside a couple months back, don't we?

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casey said...

Disappointment aside, it's just nice to have a season that wasn't decided mid-March. Never count Liverpool out, but even if we don't win, we had a hell of a ride.