Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Later, we will resume our nightly blackouts

Most of the world's residents saw South Africa 2010 qualifying resume today with South Korea defeating North Korea 1-0. In the DPRK, of course, the result was reported by state media as North Korea 98 – South Korea 0, and the North Koreans performed a benevolent gesture and agreed to stop scoring and call the match finished after 20 minutes of play.

Hey, we pick the low-hanging fruit here at Match Pricks during the international break. Also, apologies for busting up "Mel Brooks Movie Stills Week" with the "Team America" shot, but some things just need to be associated with a South Korea-North Korea World Cup qualifying match report. Puppet Jong-il is one of them.


Kuba said...

Now possibly though, the most exciting score of the international break...Poland 9:0 San Marino. Yes that's right, the same San Marino that has been terrorizing the European continent with their starting 11 featuring a lawyer, baker and a waiter, brought to their knees by the Poles. You're welcome world, you are welcome.

Kuba said...

Edit: We just scored again, 10-nil to the Poles. I almost feel dirty for that.

iansmith said...

I'll always remember England needing to beat San Marino by 9 clear goals to qualify for the euro champ (not sure).
San Marino scored after like 1:40 seconds. England then scored 9 but didn't make the cut
Sad day for most, I still think its funny.

Colin said...

Hilarious ... I love these comments here.