Thursday, April 9, 2009

Making a run

With all due respect to Senor Xabi Alonso and the brilliant season he's had to assist in propping up the hopes of the Liverpool side of Match Pricks ... In his just two games back from injury, Cesc Fabregas is making a run a Best Director. I said it the other other and I've heard it from others in the last week - we've forgotten just how good this kid is. Everyone's talking, and rightly so, about Adebayor's goal against Villarreal and his brace at the weekend. But wow, has Cesc slotted back into the team with an impact or what? Just watch how delicately he measures up this ball for Ade, and then watch the incredible reception, plant and turn Ade makes to convert this goal. Absolutely vital. Absolutely. Vital.

A word for William Gallas. It seems the former skipper could miss the rest of the year. This is a big loss. I remember well when our (and by that I mean to both of us at Match Pricks) friend Ian, from Liverpool, said to watch how quick you are to turn on a player. You never know, he said, how things will turn around.

Gallas had an absolutely dreadful first six months of the season, in spite of picking up a few goals here and again. Still, I do believe he's been vital to the upturn in our defensive fortune since the end of December. Hopefully it's not too bad, he's a in-form player we'll need as the games pile up in three competitions through May. Anything's possible at the moment for the Arsenal (yeah, yeah, yeah, except the league ... whatever, stick up your holes, as they say). This team of Mighty Mites looks entirely capable of running circles around Chelsea and United, much less anyone else.

And I can't wait for it.

I may trot out a few songs in the car on the way into the office this morning.

C'mon the Gunners! (And oh yeah, how great is the commentary in this clip? It reminds me that we've yet to touch on North Korea's claims of food poisoning ... )


Jim said...

It's a fine delivery, but that's all Adebayor. Sorry. Yes, Cesc gets it over the defenders at an appealing height, but c'mon ... that finish is unreal. Adebayor has sooooooo much to do just to control with his chest, let alone do the rest.

iansmith said...

I feel the need to comment on this crock of shit… If your intention was to fire people up before the Liverpool Arsenal game then you have succeeded. If you really think that Fabregas is the director of the season then you are out of your fucking mind. Because I love you like a brother I will even over look the total disrespect you showed for Liverpool ( a team 9 points better off that you this year) when you said “This team of Mighty Mites looks entirely capable of running circles around Chelsea and United, much less anyone else.” What we don’t even warrant mention! You have been preaching all year that you would get it right but apparently a draw against the weakest team left in Europe and a few wins against teams struggling for air counts as a major accomplishment.
The sheer Gaul of someone that prides himself on “knowing the beautiful game” would make such an amazingly myopic observation is amazing. Fab was poor at least before the injury (those losses to Hull etc. were games that he played in) and has had 2 games since, so to even remotely place him in a league with a player who has dominated and played the majority of his games for his club is ridiculous at best and retarded at worst! I’m shocked that you would even attempt to coin in on a phrase that was created by you writing colleague. Next you will be changing the words and singing - You’ll never walk alone.
I’m disgusted
May not read for the rest of the week