Saturday, April 11, 2009

Buckle up for the first half ...

 ... let the top down and the air blow for the second.

Just like the match against Villarreal, Arsenal were nowhere to be found in the first half but in the second they pulled that handbrake loose and let 'er rip. I struggled watching the whole time through a series of dodgy Internet feeds. How aggravating is that, by the way?

Just a few comments on the 4-1 win over Wigan ...

-I'm going to buy a compass and mail it to Nico Bendtner. I don't know that I've ever seen anyone miss as many shots as poorly as he has in the last couple of months. The goal is that way, Nico.

-Arshavin was terrific again. The work he did to set up Walcott's goal was so fun. Just a furious little spindle of feet inside of about one square yard, and then he slips the ball over while he's on the ground for Walcott to score.

-Arshavin's goal ... What a run from Adebayor, he found himself in space in the transition and just raced away from everyone. The problem came as he pulled it to the center and brought the two defenders together. He completely ran out of options and it looked like he'd lose the ball. But - poof! - out of nowhere, Arshavin came in and just drilled it home.

-Missed Silvestre's goal due to the dodgy Internet feed. I don't really trust him (bloody hell, are you kidding me? Just catching highlights on America's Fox Soccer Channel ... they run Macheda's game-winner for Manchester United ... the kid shoots it into the box and the ball bangs off of a defender (another interruption ... just saw Torres' first against Blackburn this morning! Yowsers! Football is fun, isn't it?) and finds its way into the net at a 60 degree angle from the original shot. The announcer, Warren Barton, for Fox Soccer Channel, only just back from the beach - I think he had some kelp hanging off of his left ear - brainlessly serves up this stunner, "The young man calmly slots it away. And what a great deflection too." Bit of a redundancy there, eh? Whatever, the guy's more worried about what the waves will be like when he gets out of the studio. Anyway ... Yeah, Silvestre. Don't really trust him. I'm still convinced in some way that he's been sent as a spy by Sir Alex Jintao just to mess things up for Arsenal. Sure we're not exactly top-competition for the old purple-nosed bastard at the moment but I wouldn't put it past him. In spite of that, maybe in an effort to string us along, to make us believe, Silvestre scored. Good for him. The scary part is Djourou's injury. No word yet but it looked like a knee (through the blurry portal of a dodgy Internet feed) and it looked bad. That'll leave us with only Silvestre and Toure in the middle. Backing them up? Song? Not happy thoughts.

-Speaking of ... Alex Song continues to find himself and play better. You'd have never actually wanted him to learn and grow as he has, starting most of the games this year, but if it's got to be done then at least we can take some solace in the fact that he has gotten better. His end of the game goal was a nice little flash of confidence as he trotted through the back and drove it into the net.  Sure, things were well wrapped up at that point, but those are the little things that help players grow, aren't they?

-I'm shocked that Fabregas got the whole game. And I held my breath when he went down with what looked like a knee again. Thankfully he seems to be fine. Arsene must be counting on some fresh legs there, but still as I noted yesterday, lots of big games coming up.

-Did you catch Bolton playing at Stamford Bridge? I had it on in the background and Chelsea were rolling. I'm mean rolling. I thought they might have ended up hitting for seven. But then - poof! - Bolton pulled three back and made a match of it. I wasn't watching nearly closely enough to see who, what, where, when or how but that was shocking.

-Finally, I used to think people who commented on YouTube videos were probably the dumbest people on the planet (save some of the yahoos I saw in the parking lot of Milwaukee's Miller Park yesterday - two men in their earlier 20s wrestling with rather aggressive intent while they rolled through gutters of trash that included a spilled giant jar of pickles, and some mongoloid who looked like he was fresh off of a lobotomy table staggering around while making his way through dozens of jell-o shots like an anteater fishing through dirt mounds). I have now altered that hierarchy to put dodgy Internet feed chat rooms at the very top. Dios mio.

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