Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Match Pricks Live Blog: C'mon Barça!!!

Obviously, no big shock here which way I want to see this one turn out. Drogba will be referred to as "Greaseball" throughout.


casey said...

You're no Ray Hudson, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading back through this as a recap. Can't wait for tomorrow. Ooh. One of the bartenders from Club Garibaldi's is going to be at the match. He was there to see Spurs, as well. Sat behind the goal where all the action was, lucky bastard. I say that only because he's a United fan so I know he was in Football Heaven.

Colin said...

Good ol' Winn. We've had some blind drunks with that guy in the past. I thought of him on Saturday. What a memory that'll be.