Saturday, April 4, 2009

Welcome to rowing country

For reasons unique to both halves of Match Pricks, this blog has a long-standing friendship with Fulham Football Club and that lovely little spot along the Thames in West London. (Hi Peter. Go Red Stars!!) Add in Danny Murphy's status as a Cottager, and, well, it's pretty much a good-natured lovefest today with Liverpool visiting Fulham for a late afternoon kickoff.

It's a tricky match for my beloved Liverpool, but the international break saw most of the boys continue their fine form. Kuyt, Alonso and Riera all scored for their respective nations. Here's hoping nobody gets hurt, the match is full of life and things turn out as best as possible for Liverpool. And fair play to the Cottagers. It's about sport this afternoon, lads. Go Liverpool! Go Red Stars! We'll miss you today, Peter.

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