Friday, April 24, 2009

Good ol' Tommy

For starters ... Apologies for the absences this week. It's been a rough go.

We all knew he'd miss the year, in truth. And I'm quite certain most of us are still hoping that he'll come around and be healthy enough again to play. Tomas Rosicky has "officially" been ruled out for the remainder of the year. Again, it's no surprise at all.  Best wishes extended this morning to Tommy, a man who clearly loved his football. Let's start the day before the weekend and next week's Champions League matches with that thought and this picture ... a guy who just loves his football. Just hilarious.

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casey said...

If it can't be L'pool to take the European Cup, i certainly hope it's you guys. It would be nice for a London side to finally have it and as long as that side isn't Chelsea, i'm fine. The problem i have at the moment is that i'm torn with the pairing of Chelsea and Barca. I hope to Gawd that Barca kicks their ass. However, if Arsenal does advance, i think they stand a much better chance against Chelsea.