Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Ok, so I missed today's match. I got a glance at a ticker but that's it. Just stopped by the football pub for Jim's breathless recounting of each goal, got home and popped online to find this ... and I can't really say too much, not having seen the match, but all the same ... it was just like Jim said (check the archive bar at the left): Arshavin has been added to the Arsenal to face an in-form Benayoun and Torres.

Enjoy. Cheers to loyal Match Pricks reader Barry.

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MulderBurns said...

This was ridiculous. Arshavin was out of his mind.

How about the week that was for Liverpool season ticket holders? Two 4-4 draws? Oh, and throw in the 4-0 win last Saturday with the Hillsborough memorial to boot. Those people need some time off.

This may have solidified my decision to make an Arshavin away shirt my next Arsenal jersey purchase. Good Lord.

Hurt to lose the 3 points at the end, but a draw was really fitting for this match.