Thursday, April 2, 2009

I've felt this important

Excuse me while I whip this fact out ...

Struggled to find a decent image to drive this point home but, in short, this site is written in English. While we accept and in fact adore several other languages, it's become important in many walks of life to note the proper usage of the name we use to identify our game.

It is called football. (see the example below, please)

In other languages, the word changes. In German, in Spanish, in French, in Russian, in Japanese, in Arabic ... the word will always be different.

But for these purposes we use the english word football.

I feel this important to note because I've often been faced with the improper use of a variant spelling of the word used to identify our game. 

The game is not universally called futbol. In fact, that is the spanish spelling of the word. Savvy?

Forgive me for the brief blast of bitterness. 

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