Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some important Hillsborough resources

There's many exhaustive locations on the Web you can learn about what happened at Hillsborough 20 years ago, but I'll start with the official Liverpool team site, which has turned itself completely over to remembering the 96. The club has done an outstanding job in trying to honor the families and all supporters. All of its coverage today is completely free and able to be viewed without any restriction. Not only is video of the official ceremony today available to view, but the club is also offering its TV station – LFC TV – for free on the Web. Here is a link to the LFC TV programming schedule for the day. Overseas, I believe Sky and others are also offering it for free. Go, watch and reflect about the team and its supporters that you love so much.

Second, this site for the Hillsborough Family Support Group provides anyone who doesn't feel they know enough about what happened easy access to the significant details and more on the efforts of those directly affected by the fatal crush to achieve justice and, in some small way, peace of mind about things.

I'll end the links here with the home page for The Hillsborough Football Disaster: Context and Consequences, formerly known as Hillsborough for Dummies. The extent to which this group has documented what happened, how it could've been prevented, who is to blame at crucial moments for failing to stop the escalating danger, what the ensuing years have brought and much more is astonishing and worthy of everyone's respect. It really is an amazing resource about Hillsborough. The group's work is being prepared to be published as a book that can be included in British libraries, and they are requesting donations of any amount through their site, via PayPal. The proceeds after publishing costs will be shared with the Hillsborough Family Support Group, the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and Hope for Hillsborough.

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