Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The weekend when 90 minutes just wasn't enough to figure things out

We've got another Match Pricks live blog today for the Champions League, but before that comes around, a quick word about Sunday and that United match.

First, full disclosure: A month ago, I had written off the League. It was over, and I had taken some time to make peace with that as a Liverpool supporter. The chance had come and gone, and it was time to bite my lip and watch the United stroll to No. 18. Then, all that craziness went down and it was back on, no matter how much I tried to not get too excited.

But Saturday, it was ON, jack. That was unreal. Then, getting up Sunday and watching Villa almost take 3 points and then, nearly make at least a draw happen ... I was on the edge of the couch all morning. Ultimately, we got the new young Italian thing here with Macheda scoring a goal burned into my mind's-eye forever. That was really something, no matter how pissed off I was for the first 30 minutes or so after that match.

Stepping back for a second, though, I have to say: What a weekend. What an absolutely incredibe, fun, mind-bending weekend. Watching Liverpool Saturday and then United on Sunday was like being able to leave my body and experience some kind of higher consciousness. Particularly in the final 20 minutes of that United match, just experiencing every single pass and attack as a possibly season-altering experience. That is fun, even though it went against me. Of course I want to see them slip – somehow, if it's possible – but here's to seeing at least one more weekend with everything riding on the balance of a 15- or 20-minute sequence. It's life, freedom and self-expression jammed into a cannonball that gets blasted straight into the cerebral cortex. More, please.


Colin said...

You said it, dogg. You said it.

stephen said...

"didn't take long to hate Macheda"

Effing brilliant.

Jim said...

Sorry, but the guy was instantly loathsome the second they showed him trotting onto the pitch Sunday. You're telling me THAT GUY is 17 years old?! He looks about 6'2", 195 pounds. And he has far from a boyish face. I bet he's looked exactly like that for the last 10 years.

Anyway, ack, whatever ... Macheda was just born a contemptible prick.

stephen said...

Oh, to be sure. I mean, one look at the guy and you know he's a scumbag. He's almost Ronaldo-esque in his contemptibility, and that was before he scored that absolutely gutting goal.