Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hillsborough coverage that stands out

We start today, 20 years removed from Hillsborough, with two pieces that rise above the many stories and columns written in the last few days about the tragedy. That's not meant to diminish the efforts of any writers who took time to discuss the events of April 15, 1989. Rather, it's just among the numerous pieces, David Conn at the Guardian and James Lawton at the Independent simply stopped me cold as I read their words.

First, Conn takes a detailed, rational, clinical look at how crucial Hillsborough documents were altered. Of course, the multiplication of the tragedy is the inability/refusal of the police to admit they were at fault for the crush and that some smart – or even competent – work could have easily prevented any loss of life. Conn's piece is long but essential.

Then, from a more personal standpoint, Lawton offers his personal recollections of being at Hillsborough on that day, and he adds his thoughts about the lacking police effort. Again, it is worth your time.

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