Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Match Pricks Live Blog – Manchester United v. Arsenal: The Return Battle of the Buffet

The thing about today's blog is that yesterday only multiplied my anticipation for Arsenal and United – and it already was pretty high to begin with. Clearly, Colin is the Arsenal supporter around these parts, and I'm out front and waving my freak flag for Liverpool. But sometimes we just have to get down and roll around in it against other teams or simply try to enjoy some football. Chelsea stole that opportunity from me yesterday. After all, when Liverpool went into the Camp Nou three years ago, they still mixed their defensive play with two goals (Bellamy and Riise!!!) and won 2-1. I mean, these are the Champions League semifinals, people. We're nearly at the end of the premier European football competition, and one of the teams involved is Barce-fucking-lona, OK?! This is supposed to be loads and loads of fun. Arsenal, United: Give us what Chelsea stole from the happy little children yesterday. Give us some football, boys. Oh, and go to hell Ronaldo.

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