Thursday, April 9, 2009

'Good morning Fantastic Dreamers. This is your return to brutal reality wake-up call'

'Eh ... what can you say? I mean, really? The Daily Mail says Gerrard has aggravated the groin strain fairly seriously so ...

Not much to add. Scroll down and glance through the second half section of the live blog if you're looking for more misery. Chelsea destroyed 'em. I guess these things happen to everybody now and again (cough, cough, March 14).

OK, Blackburn for a lunch-hour kickoff on Saturday. Get back in the saddle Liverpool. No one said it'd be easy.

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Darrell said...

yea yea march 14th, a day i'll never forget, or try to forget....

this result is nerve-wrecking for me, cause now Liverpool can just simply focus on the league! (unless insanity takes place at the bridge).

Objects in the mirror, appear ever so closely then I fear!